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Capture Holiday Memories With Nikon Coolpix

{{unknown}}This time of year always offers no shortage of great moments for photographs. Whether you plan on celebrating the holidays with your family, getting outdoors in the snow with the kids, or enjoying some hot chocolate by the fire, a great digital camera can help you remember these moments all year round. The Nikon Coolpix A900 20MP 35X Wide Angle 3″ 4K is compact enough to bring along to outdoor holiday adventures, without compromising quality. Thanks to its telephoto NIKKOR glass lens, the camera has 35x optical zoom and…

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Expand Your Photographic Possibilities With The Right Camera Lens

Buying a snazzy new DSLR is one thing, but if you really want to expand your photographic possibilities, you’re going to need to buff up your array of lenses to go along. Because there’s only so much you can do with the one camera lens that comes with your camera. But before you make any purchases, it helps to have a basic understanding of some of the different types of lenses available so that you can really bring your creativity to life. First off, it’s pretty…

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How To Use a Telephoto Zoom Lens

A lot of people think that photographers use a telephoto zoom lens to bring their photo’s subject closer. But that isn’t really how things work. The main purpose of a zoom lens isn’t to bring the subject closer, but to do one of two things: put the background out of focus or change the photo’s perspective. To put a background out of focus, it’s best to choose a 200mm lens, which will give you the most dramatic effect. You should also use your largest aperture,…

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Elevate Everyday Photographs With Canon Digital Cameras

If you rely on your camera  to capture memorable, everyday moments with friends and family, you will likely be looking to make use out of two key features. Many Canon E-Store cameras come equipped with a slim design that allows you to carry it wherever you go, and a zoom feature that ensures you are able to immortalize memories from far distances. These features are paramount to common, everyday scenarios,  as the average photographer does not always have multiple camera lenses with them, or find themselves with the resources available in…

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The Perfect Holiday Gift For The Photographer In Your Family

{{unknown}}With the New Year fast approaching, now is the perfect time to purchase some new accessories for any photographers in your family or friend group.  Photographers are always in need of a good lens, but if you’re unsure of what kind they might be looking for, Canon’s standard zoom lenses will definitely not disappoint. All photographers — whether they are aspiring or professional — who use an EOS camera system are sure to make use out of standard zoom lenses. These type of lenses are the most popular…

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Check Out Canon’s Three New Zoom Camera Lenses

Taking photos with a digital camera, or even your smartphone, is a reliable way to capture moments on the fly. But if you’re really serious about getting the best quality image possible, investing in a quality lens is the first step. Canon always has great choices, and if you’re looking for the best new technology, here are three of their latest, each suited to different needs.             EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM This standard zoom lens is light and compact,…

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Expand Your Photographic Range with Lenses from Canon

A DSLR camera from Canon is perfect for both professional photographers and beginners alike. They’re well built and user-friendly while offering a host of diverse options and settings to experiment with. But getting the camera body is just the first step – next, you should be taking a look at the array of different lenses that Canon manufactures as well. Having a selection of lenses for your DSLR will allow you to take a wide range of photos and capture each scene in the best…

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