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YouTube Adopts HDR Video Technology

Once an exclusive haven for videos of people wiping out on skateboards or doing stupid things when they were drunk, YouTube has grown into an essential media platform for mainstream entertainment. The biggest music videos and movie trailers premiere on YouTube and any number of programs from talk shows to sketch comedy upload their content online. And aspiring filmmakers turn to YouTube to try and get their short films noticed. As the second most popular site on the Internet, it’s where buzz is generated. So…

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Quality Video Recording Is Made Compact With Canon’s VIXIA Mini X

Whether you’re a vlogger, traveller, musician or simply someone who wants to capture a moment in a format that’s more dynamic than a photograph, everyone has a reason to have a personal video recording device. And in truth, most do, as almost any smartphone can record video files. But to be honest, the recording capabilities of a smartphone aren’t near what an actual video camera/camcorder can do. Most forget that last bit of information (and the fact that video recordings can take up huge amounts…

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Travel from your couch

Drones are the talk of the Internet these days, and if you’re slightly afraid or confused by the prospects they could drop in, there’s a new way to enjoy them. Pick any place in the world, and you can take advantage of the view a drone gets of that place. TravelByDrone is a collection of YouTube drone videos marked on a world map. Click on the pin on your chosen location, and you can float over it. Of course, most of the pins are in…

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