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Facebook Releases Workplace To Connect Employees Everywhere

{{unknown}}By 2016, it’s clear that Facebook is ever-present — it’s becoming more and more rare to find someone who doesn’t have an account set up on the social media platform. Yet despite how inescapable Facebook is and its undeniable impact on our culture today, it’s still considered unprofessional and embarrassing  to be caught surfing Facebook in many workplaces. While many companies have used Facebook to their advantage — using the platform to market their products and services to millions of users — not every industry has…

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Late For A Flight? Motorized Suitcase Will Get You There!

Imagine running to catch your flight when all of a sudden another late passenger zooms past you on a motorized suitcase! After 10 years in the making, a farmer in China has created a motorized suitcase to do just that. Suitcases flying through airport crowds? How safe is this?  you might ask. Regardless, one cannot help but get excited by the pure possibilities of being able to ride a suitcase through customs to a flight  gate. He Liang, a farmer from Hunan Province in China has…

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