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Duo Gives Daft Punk’s Helmets A Technological Upgrade

Does anyone really know what the members of Daft Punk look like? The electronic group has masked their identities with iconic robot helmets in concerts and promotional materials since the late 1990’s. While the band has updated their helmets every few years, two fans have taken the design to the next level. LoveProps, a prop-making duo, recently posted a video online showcasing their updated model based on Daft Punk member Guy-Manuel’s headdress. The new helmet takes design elements from the band’s Discovery album and current…

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Bendable Phone Could Soon Reach Market

Before we entered the age of smartphones, we were constantly using flip phones, which we considered to be on the cutting edge of technology. Now, of course, we view the once-savvy flip phones as relics from a time long ago. But they do beg the question: in the future, what kind of technology is going to eventually upstage smartphones? Thanks to researchers at Queen’s University, it looks like we could be welcoming a new breed into the mix: a bendable phone. Queen’s University researchers have called their…

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Impress Your Party Guests With Intel Smart Wireless Charging Bowl

{{unknown}}We first got a look at Intel’s Smart Wireless Charging Bowl at CES 2014. Then it was merely a concept, but continued interest has pushed the company to take this product from concept to reality, and it should all happen in time for the 2014 holiday season. The news comes straight from Intel CEO Brian Krzanich himself. He made the announcement at a press conference on September 19th. The Wireless Charging Bowl came from the idea of a bowl that you might put by the door…

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