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Capture Winter’s Magic With Canon EOS Cameras

Professional photographers all know that winter makes one of the best seasons for picture-taking. With falling snow and serene landscapes, there’s no better time to grab your camera and capture nature’s beauty all around you. Canadians in particular, know that winter can be especially breathtaking, making it all the more special to preserve on camera! Winter is a great time for outdoor adventures, such as skiing, sledding, or even building a snowman with the kids. If you’re a homebody, winter also offers a perfect excuse to spend…

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Looking to take videos of your winter adventures? Canon's VIXIA HF R70 is your best bet.

Turn To Canon Camcorders To Capture Video Of All Your Winter Adventures

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to document more family memories, you’ll want to carry a Canon consumer camcorder with you at all times. Whether you plan on partaking in outdoor winter activities, such as sledding or skiing, or watching indoor events such as recitals or school plays, you can trust the VIXA HF R70 to capture memorable moments in exceptional video format. The camcorder is sleek and lightweight, so taking it along on winter adventures will never be a burden. The camcorder’s 57x (32.5–1853mm)…

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ThermaCELL +Winter Insoles Bring The Heat To Your Feet

Just because winter has taken hold doesn’t mean you should stop getting exercise outside. Unless there’s a blizzard, running or cycling or any sort of outdoor activity at this time of the year can be a welcome breath of fresh air. The important thing is to dress warm, with thermal shirts and pants that allow you to move while keeping out the cold. The good news is that soon there will be an effective way to keep your feet warm as well with ThermaCELL heated…

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Winter Photography Requires A Weather Resistant DSLR

The snow has finally started falling. While that may spell disaster for people who are accustomed to warmer weather, many others will embrace this time of the year, particularly photographers. Serious photographers want to capture all aspects of nature’s beauty and there’s no doubt that the onset of winter has a lot to offer. Of course, the winter season can be harsh as well and it’s important to have a camera that can withstand the elements. Luckily, many models are being manufactured to be weather…

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The Best Cameras To Shoot Outdoor Scenery With This Winter

We’ve seen some pretty mild weather over the last couple of months, with the full force of winter only rearing its head intermittently. And while a lot of us enjoy this warm reprieve, there’s still a lot to miss about the traditional winter season, especially if you’re a photographer. There is an exquisite beauty and stillness to be found in the outside world when everything is covered in snow. But don’t worry – the last few weeks have seen the white stuff start to fall…

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Scientists In Turkey Develop New Asphalt With Ice-Melting Salt Infused Within

Winter has been somewhat delayed here in Southern Ontario, as we continue to enjoy mild weather as Christmas closes in. But as we all know, when winter eventually does hit in Canada, it hits hard – meaning we’ll have to deal with an onslaught of snow sooner or later. And to combat the snow, we’ll spread salt all over our streets and walkways so that we can all still get around with relative ease. But we all kind of hate winter salt, don’t we? I…

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Protect Your Camera From Winter With A Canon Camera Bag

With winter already around the corner, it is pertinent to protect your Canon gear from getting damaged in the season’s harsh weather conditions. Canon provides both the cameras you’re looking for to continue shooting throughout the winter, and the bags you’ll want to protect them. For just $59.99 at Henry’s Camera Store, The Canon 800 SR (M) DSLR Bag can be trusted to keep your gear safe from snow and rain. This black and red medium DSLR bag will hold 1 camera body, as well as…

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Stay Toasty With This USB Powered Evolve Hoodie

If you find that regular jackets and hoodies just aren’t cutting it when it comes to staying warm through Toronto winters, this new invention may be for you. Venture Heat has created a hoodie with heating panels to keep wearers warm through cold weather without having to pile on layers. The Evolve heated hoodie has chest and back heat panels that are powered through a 2.1 Amp or higher USB power bank. When activated, the panels keep your entire core warm. The panels are made…

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Chilly Winnipeg Hosts Warming Hut Design Competition

{{unknown}}Winnipeg, Manitoba is one of the colder cities on Earth, but that doesn’t stop residents from getting outdoors to enjoy the winter months. The Red River freezes over and becomes the “world’s longest skating rink” for the winter months providing residents and visitors four miles of ice to skate on. Curling, hockey and broom ball are all played atop the massive skating rink, but with temperatures averaging around -10°C as the high for the winter months, warming huts are needed to give people a break…

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