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Five Free Programs To Replace Expensive Software

If you own a personal computer, you likely know how expensive it can be to outfit it with all the programs you need. But the Internet is a vast place, and it’s full of free programs you can download instead of shelling out tons of cash for software. Here are the top five free programs that can replace some expensive software. Google Drive You probably already use this one, but if you don’t, get on it now. Google Drive is the perfect alternative to a…

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Microsoft In Development On Pre-Sensing Touchscreen Technology

Touchscreen technology for smartphones is great and all, but it still has its share of kinks that can be annoying. Since menu options sometimes don’t appear on your phone screen until you physically touch it, it can be easy to hit the wrong thing and then have to backtrack. First world problems, I know – but if you’ve ever fumbled around with your phone or had to frantically tap over and over until the screen recognizes your touch, then you know where I’m coming from.…

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