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Drones Could Help Make Wind Energy More Appealing

Maintaining wind turbines is no easy feat, and it usually involves engineers climbing to dangerous heights and inspecting them in person. However, a Portuguese company has found a new, safer way to carry out turbine maintenance – using drones. Pro-Drone, a start up based in Portugal, uses drones with flight algorithms programmed right in that allow them to fly at exactly the height and distance they need to to accurately inspect wind turbines. They’re also able to collect and store data thanks to their sensors.…

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Bionic SmartBird Concept for Wind Turbines

New technology could change the way wind energy is collected

Seven years ago, a truck passed me on the highway, lugging what looked like the wing of a Boeing 787. But it wasn’t part of a plane – it was a wind turbine’s blade. Needless to say, these things are massive. And while they do a great job at maximizing a much-needed renewable source of energy, the people who live near them are not unanimously in favour of the technology. Aside from their size, they allegedly cause chronic sleep loss, they interfere with the landscape,…

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