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Duo Gives Daft Punk’s Helmets A Technological Upgrade

Does anyone really know what the members of Daft Punk look like? The electronic group has masked their identities with iconic robot helmets in concerts and promotional materials since the late 1990’s. While the band has updated their helmets every few years, two fans have taken the design to the next level. LoveProps, a prop-making duo, recently posted a video online showcasing their updated model based on Daft Punk member Guy-Manuel’s headdress. The new helmet takes design elements from the band’s Discovery album and current…

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The US Army’s Night Vision Goes Wireless

In 2018, the US Army will have brand new fighting capabilities that will keep them active and safe well in to the night giving them a distinct advantage over their enemies. Armed with rifle-mounted thermal sights and pairs of WiFi goggles, US troops will be able to shoot with more accuracy and have the necessary information to decide whether or not to use that lethal force. The US troops have used night vision for decades, both to take away the cover of night from their…

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PoWiFi: The Wi-Fi Network That Can Charge Your Devices Too

In a continuously wireless world, the need to physically plug in devices in order to charge them seems more and more archaic. To a scientifically uneducated consumer (like myself) it would seem far more useful to be able to charge phones, cameras, and like technological tools remotely. Magically charging one’s device without plugging into a physical power source is far more difficult task to accomplish than conceive, as “wireless electricity” is far more complex than I could illustrate. But one team of researchers have made…

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Wi-Fi Baby Monitor To Ease New Parent Jitters

It’s not a necessarily new invention, but it’s one of the best developments I’ve seen in baby monitor technology. If you are due to have your first baby this spring, consider purchasing the D-Link HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera. Wi-Fi baby monitors are popping up everywhere but this one in particular has all the features you need. My favourite tidbit about this device is the two-way communication with your baby. If you hear you child crying and your soothing voice is all they need to return…

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