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The BACtrack Skyn Bracelet Monitors Your Blood Alcohol Levels Through Your Wrist

We’ve all been there – you’re out partying with your friends, knocking back drinks because you’re having a good time but whatever, your body can handle it. And then it suddenly hits you – you stand up or try to talk or look someone in the eye and you’ve gotten too drunk. Things have tipped over into the realm of sloppiness and the rest of the night could get interesting. Sometimes, of course, this is exactly the kind of thing you want but other times,…

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This Embroidery Could Perfect Wearable Tech

Hits and misses have been made with wearable tech over the past few years, and it seems that everyone is trying to find the best way to make it universally appealing. Scientists at Ohio State University are taking the latest stab – they found a way to seamlessly work wearable tech in to things you already wear. With fine silver wires and a patented technique, they sewed embroidered antennas and circuits that are set to be super trendy for e-textiles. This high-precision circuitry is cheap,…

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Smartwatches Could Soon Detect What You’re Touching

You can’t feel it, but pretty much all devices give off an electromagnetic noise that is unique to that machine, and is often transferred through your body. Using that fact, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Disney Research have found a way to create a smartwatch that knows what the wearer is holding or touching. The research team started by modifying a cheap wearable radio to detect the signals from the electromagnetic noises, and then created smartwatch software that can tell the difference between the…

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Disney and Hasbro Team Up to Create Playmation

Trust two of the most kid-centric companies to come up with the perfect combination of exercise and fun. Playmation is a collaboration between Disney and Hasbro that gives kids the ability to get just about as close as they can to being their favourite characters, like Elsa, Iron Man and a Jedi knight. The system uses smart technology to encourage kids to run around and use their imaginations. It’s a welcome change from how much time kids seem to be spending today in front of their…

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