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Wristwatch Clip Keeps Things On Time

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned mechanical wristwatch. I like to have the time displayed to me elegantly and digital watches are just so impersonal. Plus, they’re usually super stylish and can pair well with any wardrobe. Mechanical wristwatch wearers do run into a common issue, however. The watch sometimes gets a little out of sync. It’s easy to find them lagging behind or speeding up slightly from proper time. Obviously, this is not ideal and kind of defeats the purpose of having a wristwatch in…

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A Classic James Bond Gadget Is Now a Reality

The futuristic tools James Bond uses are the pinnacle of spy cool, and if you think it would be awesome to own something from Bond’s collection, you might be able to pretty soon. Patrick Priebe and his company Laser Gadgets created the Bond-inspired LaserWatch which is, of course, a watch with a built-in laser. The carbon fibre watch has a 1,500-miliwatt blue laser that its battery can sustain for five to ten minutes. Priebe hasn’t started selling his LaserWatch yet, but they’ll run for more…

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