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Quality Video Recording Is Made Compact With Canon’s VIXIA Mini X

Whether you’re a vlogger, traveller, musician or simply someone who wants to capture a moment in a format that’s more dynamic than a photograph, everyone has a reason to have a personal video recording device. And in truth, most do, as almost any smartphone can record video files. But to be honest, the recording capabilities of a smartphone aren’t near what an actual video camera/camcorder can do. Most forget that last bit of information (and the fact that video recordings can take up huge amounts…

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Become A Great Storyteller With Henry’s Help

Shooting great video and possessing superior editing talents are both really special skills to have, and both mean you definitely have a marketable skill. But, if you feel like you struggle with what to do with the material you produce, and how to monetize it, Henry’s upcoming in-store event could be the answer. On Monday, November 23, the Henry’s location on Church Street in Toronto is offering their Unleash Your Inner Storyteller workshop with a view to help videographers figure out how to master the…

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