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Panasonic’s Newest TV Is Literally Invisible

If there’s one down side to owning a television (aside from the hours you waste watching Netflix) is how this piece of entertainment technology dominates a room. No matter where a television set may be placed, it becomes the focal point of any room, with all the furniture directed towards the dark, black screen. Now, this is obviously fine when the TV is actually on and you’re watching a show or movie. When the TV is off, though, the blank screen is a little ominous.…

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Should you buy a projector instead of a TV?

If you are looking into purchasing a home theatre set-up, you should consider buying a projector instead of a traditional flat-screen TV. Projectors aren’t for everyone, but they do have some awesome qualities that set them apart from TVs. Here I’ll lay out the pros and cons of a projector so that you can decide if it is right for you. Pros Screen size: One of the most obvious advantages of a projector screen is getting a larger screen size. A home projector screen can…

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