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Truck Platooning Gets A Showcase in Europe

Do you ever get a little nervous when you have to drive near a big truck when you’re on the highway? What about encountering a fleet of them in traffic and having to duck and weave around? We’ve all seen news reports about highway accidents where a truck has caused some serious damage to other vehicles and their drivers. When you’re dealing with that level of speed and traffic, trucks are unable to react as fast to happenings on the road. Therefore, it can be…

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Samsung Safety Truck

Samsung creates a Safety Truck to reduce head-on collisions

{{unknown}}There are very few things worse than getting stuck behind a large and extremely slow semi-truck on a narrow two-lane road. To make things worse, these big trucks make it far too difficult to pass them given the narrow road. Well, this problem may soon become a thing of the past. Samsung has come up with an extremely clever and efficient solution to this irritating problem. The company has unveiled what they call The Safety Truck, which is essentially a semi-truck with a wireless camera mounted to the…

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