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Stay On Top Of Tech News With Texture Digital Magazines

Like technology itself, tech news moves fast. If you want to stay on top of the latest news, it’s important to subscribe to the best science and technology magazines. But constantly buying magazines from the racks can take a toll on your wallet and your space. Plus, constantly buying magazines and throwing them out isn’t the most environmentally-friendly choice we can make. If you love magazines, but wish that buying them was more convenient, Texture by Next Issue may be for you. Texture provides digital…

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Want To Read About Tech? Subscribe to Texture

Innovation in tech is all around us, and I don’t just mean the ubiquity of Pokemon Go. Virtual reality is evolving everyday, technology’s ability to help reduce crime is constantly increasing, and Hollywood is obsessed with incorporating futuristic science into films. Keep up with all these changes, and more, with a subscription to Texture by Next Issue. You’ll get 16 digital magazine titles that will pretty much make you an expert on all things tech. This month, the latest issue of CNET Magazine features an…

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Why You Should Download WIRED on Texture Now

All news is difficult to stay on top of, but when it concerns an industry like tech that is evolving so fast, it’s almost impossible. And, with an industry as nuanced as tech, it adds yet another layer to the difficulty of consuming news. Blogs and websites try as they might to solve this problem, but none have the depth, language and smarts of WIRED Magazine. WIRED covers the stories that matter most to the tech industry, and writes them for everyone from a social…

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Science & Tech Titles on Texture by Next Issue

Tech news evolves so fast – almost as fast as the tech industry itself. If you don’t stay on top of it, you’ll likely miss out on a piece of information, and once that happens, you’ll quickly fall behind. But thanks to Texture by Next Issue, you don’t have to worry about falling behind. They offer more than a dozen magazine titles that you can count on for the latest news, features and updates from the ever-changing world of science and technology. With a subscription…

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