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Equil Smartmarker Digitizes Whiteboard Notes

You’ll never lose important whiteboard notes again with the Equil Smartmarker. This innovative marker can capture whiteboard notes and stream them to the Internet as you write. Unlike other smartmarkers on the market, this one doesn’t need a special compatible whiteboard–the Equil Smartmarker can be used on any whiteboard or dry-erase surface. Here’s how it works: the Equil Smartmarker comes with a sleeve and a sensor. The sleeve holds any dry erase marker. The sensor magnetically attaches to your dry erase surface and picks up…

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The Lapdeck Allows You to Conveniently Work on the Go

A laptop offers the convenience of being able to work in small spaces or take your work with you on the go. Even though they can be used on your lap to work in a more comfortable position, laptops can also heat up against your legs and are not always easy to balance on your lap. The Lapdeck is a new kind of laptop tray. It’s environmentally friendly and since it’s made from corrugated fiberboard, the tray can be recycled when it wears out. The fibreboard…

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Canon EOS Rebel T3i Camera Kit On Sale Now

Whether you’re a veteran photographer or want to take nice photos to show off to your friends, you’ll definitely want to head over to the Canon E-Store and check out their current sale. The Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera kit has been reduced to $574.99. At that price, you’ll get the camera and the EF-S 18-55mm IS II lens. Canon’s EOS cameras are designed for amateurs and pros alike and offer superior image quality and performance. The EOS Rebel T3i is a compact DSLR that…

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Goal or No Goal? How GoalControl is a Game Changer

With the FIFA World Cup in full swing, we can’t help but notice that the streets are a little more colourful with fans proudly displaying their team colours. There is a spirit and passion in the air that only a sporting event of this magnitude can bring. The FIFA World Cup has the ability to unite people in a common passion and love of the sport while eliciting even the tamest individual’s competitive nature. Emotions run high, and in a game where every goal counts and millions of passionate fans are watching, there can be no room for error or misjudgment. That is why FIFA has implemented the new technology GoalControl.

GoalControl is a technology that detects, identifys, and tracks moving objects in complex settings, such as the FIFA World Cup. The GoalControl-4D tracks the football’s exact movements in comparison to its surroundings so that when the ball passes the goal line, all referees receive a nearly immediate and brief vibration and optical signal on their watches. This new technology seeks to eliminate the never-ending argument of “goal or no goal,” while ensuring credibility and fairness. This technology attempts to provide immediate and accurate results, and will alter how the game is viewed and refereed.

What do you think about this GoalControl technology? Do you think that it is a good tool for the purpose of maintaining efficiency and fairness within the tournament, or, do you think that this technology has the potential to interfere with the natural flow of the game and the referee’s ability to, well, referee? Where is the future of sports headed? Comment below and share your thoughts! To read more about the GoalControl, go to their website or watch this:

Cool or Creepy Tech?

Technology is constantly evolving and has begun to enter levels only previously seen in sci-fi movies. These innovations seem to know no boundaries, and their capabilities expand beyond our wildest imaginations. But how much is too much? When do these technologies cross the line and become beacons of fear rather than intrigue? We’ve compiled a list of technologies that have been highly contested over the recent months and we’re putting the question out there: are these technologies cool or creepy? You decide.


 In a long distance relationship? Need a kiss from your loved one? The Kissenger is a device that replicates the shape and motion of the sender’s lips to be received by your loved one. Pucker up!



Always on, always listening. This device, worn as a bracelet, is always listening to your conversations. Someone just tell a funny story? Replay and save it!


Fasotec’s 3D Fetus

We’ve heard and seen 3D printing, but not like this! This Japanese technology company can print a 3.6-inch resin model of your fetus, encased in a transparent block in the shape of the mother’s body for you to share with friends and family!


Sen.se Mother

Want to know when your kids arrive home from school? She’ll tell you. Need to wake up at a certain time? She’ll gently get you up. The Sen.se Mother’s green illuminated eyes are always watching to make sure your family’s day goes smoothly.



 SoftBank introduces Pepper: the world’s first Personal Robot. Programmed to be able to read human emotions and adjust his own behaviour accordingly, Pepper will be there as a helping hand and a friend!



Thermal Touch Technology Heats Up

People have been talking about Google Glass and other wearable computing devices and looking at the ways in which such technology is worn and how one interacts with this technology. A pioneer in the field of Augmented Reality, company Metaio, noticed that the current interaction was lacking something and that swiping in the air and shouting at your invisible computer was a little less human than some of us might be comfortable with.

As a result, their engineers have been in the process of building and demo-ing a new and improved way to interact with wearable computing devices using Thermal Touch Technology.

How this works: You’d hook a camera up to your wearable device which would track the heat signature that your fingers leave behind on day-to-day objects. The heat signature left behind would control the digital content you see in your wearable device! How cool! Metaio doesn’t expect this technology to be ready for another five years but it’s in the works.

This week the Augmented World Expo 2014 will be showcasing this and some other really interesting technologies.

Wi-Fi Baby Monitor To Ease New Parent Jitters

It’s not a necessarily new invention, but it’s one of the best developments I’ve seen in baby monitor technology. If you are due to have your first baby this spring, consider purchasing the D-Link HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera. Wi-Fi baby monitors are popping up everywhere but this one in particular has all the features you need. My favourite tidbit about this device is the two-way communication with your baby. If you hear you child crying and your soothing voice is all they need to return…

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First Prosthesis Controlled by Muscle Electrical Signals Invented

Dean Kaamen’s DEKA Arm is a very exciting leap forward in prosthesis.This prosthetic limb is the first created that is controlled by signals from the wearer’s muscles. It’s been approved by the FDA, and it’s available to the public now. The DEKA Arm’s operator controls the prosthesis by contracting muscles in the arm and foot. Sensors pick up those signals and translate them into one of 10 different complex, multi-joint powered movements. And all of this weighs about the same as a natural limb. The…

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My Apollo Social Network

my Apollo: The World’s First Private Peer-to-Peer Social Network

Just as the developers intended, myApollo has achieved success in becoming the world’s most lonely social network. I tried it and I was pleased to find out that no one was stalking my profile and posts. It probably had something to do with none of my friends being on it. my Apollo in Theory MyApollo is being touted as the first private peer-to-peer social network. So what does that mean? Well unlike the most social platforms, myApollo data exists only in the devices that run…

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Welcome to Edgy Tech

Welcome to Edgy Tech, At Edgy we unravel the latest in technology to help you find the most innovative, and exciting gadgets of today. Have a question about a new gadget, device or service? Ask us, and our digital experts will do our best to get you the answers you need. If you think you have what it takes to be cutting edge, we want you to join our editorial & content team. Submit your application to admin@edgytech.ca

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