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Texture Is Your New Home For Science And Tech Magazines

If you’re into science and technology, it may seem oxymoronic to get your news from print sources. The Internet is vast and has all the information you could ever want. But then that would discount the simple pleasures of sitting down and reading a magazine, which I’m sure even the most cyber inclined among us still have a fondness for. In this day and age, however, when carrying around hardcopies of magazines is cumbersome and pointless, there is a new way to merge the old…

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Rediscover Your Love Of Magazines With Texture

Is print media dead? It’s a question that we keep hearing over and over again as more previously physical services move into the digital world. Consider magazines – people still like the idea of flipping through their favourite magazines, but also don’t want the hassle of carrying around several of them wherever you go. Obviously, you move it online, but how do you keep the nostalgic feel of actually reading a magazine intact? This question was how Next Issue was born a few years back.…

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