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Take Selfies with Cool Filters with the PowerShot N2

Many consider the May long weekend to be the official kick-off of summer. With cottage trips, BBQ’s, soccer games, and more, there’s countless seasonal events  you’ll want to take a camera to snap selfies and document fun summer moments. Canon digital cameras are programmed with features ideal for taking all types of photographs — whether they be a landscape of a cool new location you’ve scouted out or an up-close selfie of you and your friends. The Canon PowerShot N2 comes with a 2.8 inch LCD screen — more than wide enough…

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Your outdoor summer action shot can win you tons of prizes

{{unknown}}The great outdoors pretty much call your name constantly now that summer-sun is constantly shining down from the skies. Smack dab in the peak of the summer season, July is the month to travel, hike, play, or pretty much do anything outdoors. With temperatures at a comfortable level (and not alarmingly hot like in August) and mostly everyone out of school, or primed to take some vacation time off work (who even does that in June?), July begs you to go have fun outside. Just…

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