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Take Photos On The Go With Canon’s EOS M3 Camera

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a summer hiking trip, backpacking through Europe or enjoying the summer downtown – when the weather is hot, you want to keep your load light. Unfortunately for budding photographers, making the most out of summer means taking a camera bag large enough to fit your DSLR. Camera phones and point-and-shoot cameras can only do so much. If you want stunning shots, it’s best to have a Canon EOS camera by your side. With the Canon EOS M3, you don’t…

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How to Take Summer Photos with a Canon Camera

Are you looking for the perfect Canon camera to take stunning summer photos? There are so many point-and-shoot and DSLR cameras on the market, so it can feel like a challenge trying to find the camera that’s right for you and your photography needs. To make the process easy, consider buying a camera that suits the season you’d use it the most. If you want to use your camera primarily in the summer, here’s a list of features that you should look for before buying:…

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