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Canadian Government Looking To Help Tech Entrepreneurs

It’s a question that all budding tech entrepreneurs have in the back of their minds: how can a small tech startup eventually become a dominating presence in the industry? This is what the federal government is currently studying. Helping the country’s tech startups become globally successful businesses would offer an invaluable boost to the Canadian economy. A fall report produced by the economic think-tank, Centre for Digital Entrepreneurship and Economic Performance, found that tech startups pose a number of present and future benefits. Not only could these companies…

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New Study Tests Love With Thermographic Cameras

Valentine’s Day can be tough for new couples. It’s hard to know how big or how small to go in terms of celebrating. Choosing the right kind of gift depending on how far along in the relationship you are can be confusing. Should you make a big deal out of it or just be casual? How does your new romantic partner actually feel about you? It can be impossible to know (unless you’re one of those weirdoes that doesn’t have social anxiety). Well, a team…

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