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Students Design A Laser Device To Combat Geese Problem

Believe it or not, even in the hustle and bustle of the GTA, it’s not uncommon to see a flock of geese around this time of year. You’ve likely seen them yourself — either sitting together on a field, or even venturing out and attempting to cross the street. But in less urban areas, geese can have a much more menacing presence, and are capable of doing significant damage to people’s livelihoods. In more sprawling rural landscapes, geese can actually wreak havoc on crops and destroy…

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First-Of-Its Kind Drone Race Uses Brain-Controlled Interface

By 2016, it’s clear that for better or for worse, we’re living in a world where the sight of a drone is becoming more and more of a commonplace. But watching drones for entertainment is a pastime that many have likely not partaken in — yet. A recent University of Florida event widened the scope of a drone’s usage even further: the university held a competition in one of its gyms, which featured 16 different pilots racing drones in a 10-metre dash. However, this was no ordinary race. Each drone was…

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Play Skyrim On A Calculator & Other Reasons All Students Need A Real One

Photo credit – Angela The age of smartphones has made calculators seem a little redundant to own. Why buy another piece of hardware when its already built into your cellphone? A logical line of thinking, but there are certain things you can only do with a real calculator, and not with a dinky iPhone add-on, like playing Skyrim. No9sniper, a YouTuber and obvious tech geek, transformed his graphing calculator into a gaming console capable of playing the massively popular fantasy-action game Skyrim. Not exactly a…

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