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Ex-Google Employee Creates Startup For Driverless Trucks

By now, you’ve likely heard about Google’s plans to have more self-driving cars on the road, and the ensuing debates surrounding their merits and safety. But how would you feel not about a self-driving car, but a driverless 18-wheel truck cruising on the road beside you? Many might be alarmed by this image, but not Anthony Levandowski — an engineer who was involved in making the technology used in Google’s driverless cars. Not only does Levandowski believe driverless trucks are about to make it big, he feels…

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Canadian Government Looking To Help Tech Entrepreneurs

It’s a question that all budding tech entrepreneurs have in the back of their minds: how can a small tech startup eventually become a dominating presence in the industry? This is what the federal government is currently studying. Helping the country’s tech startups become globally successful businesses would offer an invaluable boost to the Canadian economy. A fall report produced by the economic think-tank, Centre for Digital Entrepreneurship and Economic Performance, found that tech startups pose a number of present and future benefits. Not only could these companies…

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Counting Calories Gets Futuristic With The NutriRay3D

Everybody is scared of getting fat so we’re told to count the calories that we eat. But everybody also hates math, so what’s a person to do? Thankfully, the University of Washington is developing a new smartphone device for us all called the NutriRay3D, which uses lasers to count the number of calories that are on our plate. Yes, you read that correctly – we will be able to count calories with lasers. After plugging in the scanning module to your existing smartphone, you can…

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Juvo Wants To Help You Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Let’s face it – we all have trouble sleeping these days. Between trying to find a proper work-life balance to dealing with daily stresses to the surrounding hustle and bustle of an urban environment, it can be tough to get a good night’s rest. And when you don’t get that necessary period of sleep, you’ll just be more anxious and off-kilter the next day, leading to another night of shallow sleep, and the vicious cycle just goes on and on. That’s why several tech companies…

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