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Closest Earth-Like Planet Found 4 Light Years Away

An international team of astronomers have recently found a rocky, Earth-like planet that orbits Proxima Centauri, our sun’s nearest neighbour. There are a few key differences between this planet, Proxima b, and Earth. For one, it’s one-twentieth the distance from its red dwarf star compared to the Earth’s distance from our sun, giving it a permanently orange sky. It also circles the star so quickly that a year only lasts 11 days. Even though its 4.22 light-years away, it’s the “closest potentially habitable planet ever…

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Read SkyNews To Understand The Wonders Of The Night Sky

For most of us, astronomy is a fascinating — but far-off — field of knowledge. We may look up at the night sky before we go to sleep, but few possess an actual in-depth understanding of what we are seeing. Sure, we can name the planets, but astronomical details and developments remain a mystery to most. But for those that are hoping to broaden their horizons and expand their knowledge of the intricacies of the night sky, an astronomy magazine like SkyNews — Canada’s magazine…

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Global Astronomy Month Takes Place Throughout April

Since Easter moved up to March this year, what is there to look forward to in April now, besides heaps of rain? Well, if you like peering into the sky or thinking about our place in the grand universe, then get ready for Global Astronomy Month, taking place throughout the entire month of April. Global Astronomy Month is the world’s largest celebration of astronomy and is organized by Astronomers Without Borders, a group that tries to bring the science and fun of outer space to…

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