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Star Wars-Style Hologram Messages Are Nearly A Reality

Anyone who is anyone remembers the iconic beginning to the Star Wars series, where a certain hologram propels the epic narrative forward. “Help me Obi Wan Kanobi, you’re my only hope” implores Princess Leia, her entire figure and facial expressions visible thanks to the futuristic holographic device her desperate message is recorded on. A scene which has gained even more weight thanks to the recent Rogue One film, Leia’s message is impressive not only for narrative reasons. The message is a vision into our own…

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Star Wars In Real Life: US Military To Develop Hoverbikes

What were once, but figments of the imagination are increasingly becoming reality thanks to the strides in technological innovation of recent years. The hoverbikes featured in Star Wars were futuristic pieces of technology far from the realm of possibility in the late 70’s when the film series was originally released. Now, the technology is being built and utilized by the US military. According to The Independant, the US Department of Defense, Maryland-based Survice Engineering are partnering with Malloy Aeronautics, a Britain-based “entrepreneurial aerospace company that…

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This YouTuber Built A Mini Millennium Falcon

Two of the most buzzy tech things right now are drones and the new Star Wars movie, so combining them is a surefire way to gain attention. YouTuber, Oliver C, got that memo and built a pretty spot-on Millennium Falcon drone that he unveiled in a YouTube video. This has effectively taken drones to a completely new level and probably has Star Wars fans endlessly searching where they can get their own Millennium Falcon to play with and show off. This is his second shot at building…

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