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NASA Created An Expanding Space Room For The International Space Station

The International Space Station is always being improved upon, and the next upgrade on the docket is a 12-foot long living space that attaches to the ISS and doubles in size as it inflates. Called the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module, or BEAM for short, it will head up to the ISS on the next supply mission, and the Station’s robotic arm will attach it to the rear port. Just a touch of a button with inflate the BEAM, and it will expand to its full…

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NASA and Nissan Team Up To Build Self-Driving Cars

Last week, NASA and Nissan announced they will be joining forces in an effort to develop a self-driving car, not just for city driving, but also for space travel. NASA, who has been sending  vehicles to Mars for years, is a leader in this kind of innovation. But, those vehicles aren’t very autonomous, so it seems they have a few things to learn from Nissan, a company that is approaching self-driving cars a little differently from its competitors. Google just took out a 60-year lease…

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