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Google recently revealed how many publishers of fake news it removed from its site.

Google And Facebook Fight Back Against Fake News

By now, you’ve likely heard U.S. President Donald Trump warn us of the perils of “fake news.” Perhaps you’ve even fallen victim to fake news, too. Social media makes it easier than ever to be lured in by a scintillating headline, only to find its ensuing report to be inaccurate. In the aftermath of Trump’s victory, many discovered that “fake news” — or deliberately spreading falsehoods presented under the guise of news — was a lucrative enterprise. Some publishers even reported making thousands of dollars off of advertisements that…

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Users of WhatsApp could be seeing a lot this ads on the service in future.

European Proposal Cracks Down On Personalized Ads

Tired of seeing ads every time you log into social media? If you count yourself as someone who sees ads as incredibly annoying, you’re in luck. Good news could be on the horizons for ad-haters who use certain messaging apps. This month, the European Union executive presented a proposal that will crack down on how WhatsApp, iMessage and Gmail can track their users. The proposal stipulates that these companies must actually ensure that their users’ conversations will stay confidential. In addition, they will have to request…

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5 Search Engine Optimization Tips For Beginners To Learn

It’s official – Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the most important skill to master if you want any kind of online success. The Internet is a vast landscape that only expands by the minute, so if you can’t be found fairly easily, chances are you’ll disappear into the void. If you run a small business and aren’t that well versed in SEO tactics, this race to stand out online can seem daunting. There are certainly digital marketing firms that can be hired to help…

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Facebook Releases Workplace To Connect Employees Everywhere

{{unknown}}By 2016, it’s clear that Facebook is ever-present — it’s becoming more and more rare to find someone who doesn’t have an account set up on the social media platform. Yet despite how inescapable Facebook is and its undeniable impact on our culture today, it’s still considered unprofessional and embarrassing  to be caught surfing Facebook in many workplaces. While many companies have used Facebook to their advantage — using the platform to market their products and services to millions of users — not every industry has…

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Instagram Introduces New Comment Filters

For all the good that social media does — connecting friends around the globe, raising awareness of important social issues, among much more — there remain persistent drawbacks associated with each platform that affect some users more than others. More often than not, high-profile users of Instagram and Twitter, will find themselves on the receiving end of spam and flat-out hate speech from Internet trolls at some point. You may recall when the comedian Leslie Jones, who recently starred in the reboot of Ghostbusters, briefly quit Twitter this summer…

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Own Snapchat With These Tricks

Everyone knows Snapchat is the new Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, especially if you’re under the age of 20. But it can feel a little limiting at times, and not just because that bomb photo of your breakfast is gone forever (hint: it’s not). Here are ten tricks to help you make the most of Snapchat. Double up on the filters. After you’ve added your first one, tap the screen, hold your finger there, and swipe with another finger to add another filter. Switch between cameras. The front-to-rear camera…

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Get More Creative Mobile Pics With the Enlight App

We all know about the powers of social media. Besides connecting us to friends and family, sites like Instagram and Facebook can connect us to a new network; that’s why both bloggers and eCommerce businesses alike have social media as part of their marketing services. Instagram is quickly becoming the social media platform of choice, but with 75 million photos shared each day, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd whether you’re a blogger, freelance photographer/graphic designer or business. Have you noticed…

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Instagram Is No Longer Limited To Square Format

For many, one of the most frustrating aspects about the massively popular photo-sharing app, Instagram, was the size restrictions that it imposed on its users’ photos. Instagram was notorious for only allowing users to upload square-shaped pics, making it impossible to fit long, panoramic shots into the app’s small frame. The restrictive square shape made it especially difficult for certain types of photos popular amongst the social media-generation— such as long landscapes with breathtaking views, or group shots with multiple friends — to be displayed in their entirety.…

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IKEA placemat

IKEA Placemat Helps You Avoid Your Phone During Dinner

IKEA has come out with a new solution for that family member(s) who just will not put down their phone(s) during dinner. The solution is part of the company’s SITTNING limited edition collection of dinnerware, which includes a placemat that has a dedicated pocket for hiding away your smartphone during meals. The placemat is called “logged out”, despite the fact that the phone does not actually log you out. All the placemat does is hide your device and hopefully prevent you from checking it every…

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Facebook Has A New Legacy Contact Feature

When people write out their wills, I doubt there’s much thought given to who’s going to deal with your social media accounts. I’d assume they just become inactive and gradually fade away into the vast ether of the Internet. Facebook’s policy was to freeze the deceased’s account (or “memorialize” as they put it) upon valid reports from friends of that person. Now they’ve opened things up a bit, based on pleas from people who have lost love ones and want to be able to access…

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