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Swiss Smart Watch Released In U.S.

By now, most of us have heard of the Apple Watch — and have either been impressed by its technology or want nothing to do with it. Many feel a watch should represent a timeless, traditional item, rather than one infused with the rapidly-developing technology seen everywhere else. However, whether we all like it or not, it is possible that smart watches are on track to become more ubiquitous. Soon, Apple will no longer be the only company that makes a smart watch — LVMH’S Tag Heuer is now…

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Smartwatches Could Soon Detect What You’re Touching

You can’t feel it, but pretty much all devices give off an electromagnetic noise that is unique to that machine, and is often transferred through your body. Using that fact, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Disney Research have found a way to create a smartwatch that knows what the wearer is holding or touching. The research team started by modifying a cheap wearable radio to detect the signals from the electromagnetic noises, and then created smartwatch software that can tell the difference between the…

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BMW and Samsung prove remote controlled cars are a reality

In the James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies, gadget master Q gives Pierce Brosnan’s Bond a new BMW that can be controlled remotely by his sleek new cell phone (sleek for the year 1997, that is). This leads to an action sequence where he directs the car from his hotel room to pick him up by the parking garage entrance and then drives it while crouched down in the backseat to avoid getting hit with enemy gunfire. Apparently, this may become a reality someday (the…

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