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This New Device Can Use A Simple Touch To Charge A Smartphone

Anyone who’s seen The Matrix (which is most people, or at least most people reading a tech blog) live with the fear of being turned into a living battery. That’s exactly what the robots did to the humans in the classic sci-fi film, a troubling fate that only seems more likely with recent advancements in robotic technology. But we may turn ourselves into batteries long before then. Or, rather, we’ll be utilizing a unique and innovative new technology to make ourselves into power generators. Get the…

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Amazon Go Is Coming And It Looks Pretty Amazing

Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world, has been long-rumoured to be revolutionizing the way we grocery shop. That rumour is now a reality with the announcement of Amazon Go, their grocery store that is check out-free. Instead of waiting in a long, frustrating line, you tap your phone on the way in, pick what you want, and walk out. Payment is processed through your Amazon account, linked through your phone. It is seamless and seems like a total dream. See below:   The…

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Bendable Phone Could Soon Reach Market

Before we entered the age of smartphones, we were constantly using flip phones, which we considered to be on the cutting edge of technology. Now, of course, we view the once-savvy flip phones as relics from a time long ago. But they do beg the question: in the future, what kind of technology is going to eventually upstage smartphones? Thanks to researchers at Queen’s University, it looks like we could be welcoming a new breed into the mix: a bendable phone. Queen’s University researchers have called their…

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RCMP able to hack into phones using Stingray device

Ever since Edward Snowden famously revealed what the NSA has been up to behind closed doors, privacy advocates have been raising concerns about the government’s ability to access our personal information.  Now, new revelations add fuel to the fire: court documents state that the RCMP has secretly hacked into Canadians’ cell phones in a number of crime cases. This information was revealed last week, after a judge removed a publication ban that was placed on the case of Salvatore (Sal the Ironworker) Montagna. Sal, who was…

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New Technology Lets You Fully Charge Your Phone In 15 Minutes

If there’s one thing that plagues all smartphone users, no matter whether they have an iPhone or Android, it’s the constant need to charge the device. With so many apps always open and the smartphone being in constant use (we’re all addicted to our phones, even if we don’t want to admit it), the fact that batteries run dry fairly quickly is simply a reality users deal with and ultimately accept. But the constant need to charge one’s smartphone wouldn’t be much of an issue…

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Night Vision Is Now On Your Smartphone Thanks To “The Seek”

Infrared imaging, or more colloquially known as night vision, can be incredibly useful in certain situations. Allowing one to basically see clearly under the cover of darkness, night vision technology is a major asset boon to even mundane tasks like finding your lost pet at night. Unfortunately, being able to make use of infrared imaging is reserved for those who own pieces of night vision technology, like goggles or scopes. While such equipment is quite useful to certain peoples and professions, the average Joe isn’t…

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