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Asteroid Bennu Could Provide Insight Into Earth’s Origins

In early September, NASA began tracking an asteroid as it was hurtling towards Earth. Although the asteroid, named Bennu, won’t hit our planet until the 22nd century, scientists are still eager to collect material from its surface. The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is responsible for that collection, and it’s going to travel for two years to get to the asteroid, and land back on Earth by 2023. Bennu’s trajectory will also be monitored and analyzed in order to calculate the danger it represents for Earth. Right now,…

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Global Astronomy Month Takes Place Throughout April

Since Easter moved up to March this year, what is there to look forward to in April now, besides heaps of rain? Well, if you like peering into the sky or thinking about our place in the grand universe, then get ready for Global Astronomy Month, taking place throughout the entire month of April. Global Astronomy Month is the world’s largest celebration of astronomy and is organized by Astronomers Without Borders, a group that tries to bring the science and fun of outer space to…

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Amateur Photography Takes Flight

Wondering what your property looks like from overhead? How are the crops doing? Did your landscaper actually do what you asked him to? Now you can fly in the sky with a camera – The A.R. Drone 2.0 Power Edition from Parrot –  a remote controlled drone (quadricopter) camera. This French company makes incredible products ranging from innovative technologies for smartphones and tablets as well as high technology solutions in Automotive and UAV businesses. The A.R. Drone is not only a soaring camera in the sky…

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