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Everything You Need To Know About The “Red Nova” Of 2022

What happens when two stars collide? Most of us probably aren’t aware of what occurs in the sky when such an amazing astrological event occurs. You probably haven’t seen two gigantic celestial bodies merge into each other. But we’ll all get the chance to see it in about five years. A team of researchers have been studying a specific star system for the last four years. The star system in question, KIC 9832227, stood out to the astronomers because of two particular stars. These two…

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Monumental Astronomer Henrietta Swan Leavitt Finally Gets Some National Recognition

Even if you’re not an astronomy buff, you know the name Edwin Hubble. You know the Hubble Space Telescope? Yeah, that’s him. After his discovery in 1923 of separate galaxies and a much larger universe based on his examination of the patch of light Andromeda, his name became synonymous with significant space exploration. What you probably don’t know is that there was someone else involved in this discovery that nobody talks about. Henrietta Swan Leavitt was a 19th century astronomer working at the Harvard College…

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The Selfie Stick Is Making Its Way Over To TV News

{{unknown}}Currently, the selfie stick is the latest new trend in society that everyone seems to love to hate. It seems almost every week that the device is popping up in a new area. Well, thanks to one Australian television network, Sky News, the selfie stick has now jumped to television and may represent the future of television reporting. Just don’t bring this story up around any cameramen. A number of Sky News reporters will soon be reporting on stories with the assistance of the LiveU…

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