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Seattle Store Nube Turns Off The Lights For Halloween Shopping Experience

With October rapidly coming to a close and Halloween looming, it’s time to get spooky (if you haven’t been doing that all month long already, that is). And while there’s no shortage of haunted house attractions or scary shows to go see, a retail store in Seattle is offering up something a little different for residents in the area. Their Halloween gimmick is to turn off all the lights and let customers shop in the dark. Sure, shopping experiences can be frightening at the best…

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Facial Recognition Could Shed Light On Consumer Behaviour

If you walk into any store today, more often than not you will be greeted by a sign saying that shoplifters will be prosecuted. While these signs have become fairly commonplace, their warnings are not an empty threat: very often, a shoplifter can be successfully found due to facial recognition technology, which is used in most North American stores. While you are shopping, unbeknownst to you a computer scans your face to ensure that your individual features do not match those of shoplifters in the system or on a watch list.…

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Amazon Dash Simplifies Shopping with the Push of a Button

{{unknown}}Earlier this year, we wrote how Amazon was developing a one-touch button that provided a simple way to order common household items, ensuring that you never ran out of these products again. Well, now Amazon has finally released the first batch of these new Dash Buttons exclusively for Amazon Prime members. Individuals will no longer have to worry if they are running low on laundry detergent, Gatorade, macaroni & cheese and many other common household items. Now, all you have to do is simply place…

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Pay By Selfie: The New Way To Shop With Your Credit Card?

Take a selfie, pay for your transaction. That’s basically the summary of MasterCard’s latest security innovation, designed to increase security and better the user experience all at once. Given that people are selfie-obsessed these days, MasterCard thinks the new payment method will catch on quick, as a representative told CNN. Currently in a testing phase at the moment, MasterCard’s facial recognition innovation is being tested with 500 customers, and also involves a fingerprint reading option, similar to the iPhone. Test-customers can choose either option, though…

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Never Run Out of Coffee Again with Amazon’s Dash Button

Amazon has made life easier by giving customers the ability to have almost anything delivered right to their door just a day or so after ordering it. The company isn’t satisfied with that level of convenience though. Amazon’s new Dash Button in conjunction with the Dash Replacement Service is a one-touch way to order common household goods so that you never run out again. The Dash Button is an oval shaped button that is about as long as a toothpick. Its designed to be placed…

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