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Canon’s SELPHY Ink and Printers Lets You Print Easily

Investing in a high-quality Canon inkjet printer is a great idea for freelance and professional photographers who want to cut their printing costs. It’s also viable for families with home offices and people who print a lot in general. But if you’re a budding photographer or if you rely on mobile devices to take pictures, investing in an inkjet printer may not make sense; you may not see your usage of the printer match the amount that you paid for it. This is where the SELPHY…

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The Canon SELPHY Is The New Party Printer

There’s a hot new printer on the market that you’re going to want to know about. Even if you already have a printer or don’t care about printers, this one may just appeal to you anyway. It’s called the Canon SELPHY and it’s becoming a hot new accessory to have – the bee’s knee’s if you will. So just what exactly is it? The Canon SELPHY CP910 is a compact and portable printer that is great for turning snapshots into physical prints on a whim. It…

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Canon’s SELPHY Printer Allows You To Print Photos Anywhere, Anytime

The nature of taking photos has changed significantly in the new millennium. Where at one time, you would take photos and get them developed at a lab, nowadays every person can snap quick shots on their smartphone and they just end up on social media. But every once in a while, it’s still nice to have physical prints that you can keep in an album or frame and arrange on a wall. The SELPHY CP910 printer from Canon is trying to make this easier for…

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