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Researchers Working on App to Prevent Selfie Deaths

  We’ve all heard the stories: those who pose for a particularly selfie on a cliff, mountaintop, or other dangerous location, and succumb to their death in the process. There have even been recent reports of Pokemon Go leading its users to unfamiliar and unsafe locations. While advances in technology are undoubtedly exciting, it is critical to retain our common sense and take necessary precautions when using newly-designed technology. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have examined hundreds of these “selfie-deaths” to see if they can design something…

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Take Selfies with Cool Filters with the PowerShot N2

Many consider the May long weekend to be the official kick-off of summer. With cottage trips, BBQ’s, soccer games, and more, there’s countless seasonal events  you’ll want to take a camera to snap selfies and document fun summer moments. Canon digital cameras are programmed with features ideal for taking all types of photographs — whether they be a landscape of a cool new location you’ve scouted out or an up-close selfie of you and your friends. The Canon PowerShot N2 comes with a 2.8 inch LCD screen — more than wide enough…

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MasterCard to Roll Out Selfie Security Feature

Instead of having to remember a password, MasterCard users will soon be able to take a selfie to make online purchases. This new payment software was tested out last year and, after positive reviews from testers, the company has plans to roll out this new software in Canada, the U.S., and parts of Europe as soon as within the next 12 months. To use the new software, users have to download the MasterCard app to their smartphone or tablet. After entering their credit card information, users…

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Pay By Selfie: The New Way To Shop With Your Credit Card?

Take a selfie, pay for your transaction. That’s basically the summary of MasterCard’s latest security innovation, designed to increase security and better the user experience all at once. Given that people are selfie-obsessed these days, MasterCard thinks the new payment method will catch on quick, as a representative told CNN. Currently in a testing phase at the moment, MasterCard’s facial recognition innovation is being tested with 500 customers, and also involves a fingerprint reading option, similar to the iPhone. Test-customers can choose either option, though…

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The Selfie Arm Will Make Your Imaginary Friend Seem Real

Apparently, the selfie stick wasn’t bad enough. Now there is The Selfie Arm, which was imagined by artists Aric Snee and Justin Crowe. Thankfully, The Selfie Arm is currently just a prototype, but the thought is extremely creepy and slightly depressing. The Selfie Arm is a selfie stick that looks like a human arm and takes the loneliness of a selfie to a whole new level. The difference between this concept and the regular selfie stick is that The Selfie Arm is supposed to appear…

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