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Blackberry opens new autonomous vehicles research centre near Ottawa, Ontario.

Blackberry Opens Driverless Vehicles Research Centre

In 2016, you may have thought you’d already heard the last of Blackberry. Nowadays, it seems everyone you meet surely has an iPhone, with the once popular Blackberry becoming defunct and a relic of the past. But now, it looks like Blackberry is entering a market you perhaps wouldn’t expect. This week, the company opened the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Centre in Kanata, Ontario, and announced it would be entering the world of driverless car research. According to the company’s chief executive, Blackberry has a track record in…

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The Future Bus May Radically Change Public Transportation

Nobody likes taking the bus. It’s slow, crowded, hot, jerky and generally just an annoying experience all around, at least if you’re in a city. But unless you can somehow afford a car in today’s economic climate, the bus is often an essential way of getting where you need to be. Isn’t there some way to make over the bus transport situation, so that it’s a more pleasant trip for everyone? Over in the Netherlands, Mercedes Benz is certainly trying to rectify the situation. They…

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Google has begun testing driver-less cars

Picture this: a car on the road that has no gas pedal or steering wheel. This is exactly what the latest prototype of Google’s “self-driving” car entails.  An upgrade from last May’s model, this car can independently sense what’s happening on the road, and drive and brake accordingly. However, since the car doesn’t have air bags and other federally mandated safety features, it can’t drive faster than 40 km/hr and is currently limited to areas mapped by Google. It’s also electric, meaning that after every 128 km…

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