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First Fatality Caused by Self-Driving Cars

For the last few months, the tech world has been abuzz with news of companies testing autonomous vehicles. But now, proponents of self-driving cars could have just cause to rethink their safety. Last week, driver-less cars claimed their first human casualty. Joshua D. Brown was killed in Florida in the Tesla Model S sedan, after its cameras didn’t recognize a turning tractor-trailer in front of it. The self-driving Tesla is supposed to brake automatically, but in this particular instance, the car didn’t differentiate between the…

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Debate Ensues On Self-Driving Cars And Road Safety

Does safe driving always mean following all of the rules of the road? In theory, driverless cars — such as those designed by Google — are made to be consistently cautious. But in practice, it’s not always clear if following rules to the T is the safest bet. The New York Times has recently reported that driverless cars’ meticulous adherence to road safety is causing problems: they aren’t built to factor in the spontaneity and context-based decisions made by other h uman drivers. One can envision countless scenarios in…

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