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Ex-Google Employee Creates Startup For Driverless Trucks

By now, you’ve likely heard about Google’s plans to have more self-driving cars on the road, and the ensuing debates surrounding their merits and safety. But how would you feel not about a self-driving car, but a driverless 18-wheel truck cruising on the road beside you? Many might be alarmed by this image, but not Anthony Levandowski — an engineer who was involved in making the technology used in Google’s driverless cars. Not only does Levandowski believe driverless trucks are about to make it big, he feels…

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Google has begun testing driver-less cars

Picture this: a car on the road that has no gas pedal or steering wheel. This is exactly what the latest prototype of Google’s “self-driving” car entails.  An upgrade from last May’s model, this car can independently sense what’s happening on the road, and drive and brake accordingly. However, since the car doesn’t have air bags and other federally mandated safety features, it can’t drive faster than 40 km/hr and is currently limited to areas mapped by Google. It’s also electric, meaning that after every 128 km…

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NASA and Nissan Team Up To Build Self-Driving Cars

Last week, NASA and Nissan announced they will be joining forces in an effort to develop a self-driving car, not just for city driving, but also for space travel. NASA, who has been sending  vehicles to Mars for years, is a leader in this kind of innovation. But, those vehicles aren’t very autonomous, so it seems they have a few things to learn from Nissan, a company that is approaching self-driving cars a little differently from its competitors. Google just took out a 60-year lease…

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