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Google To Unveil AdWords Redesign This Month

For businesses around the world, Google AdWords is a major marketing tool, offering a means for search engine users to find a company’s website before the competition. At a price, of course. But while advertisers compete for their ad copies to be seen by search engine users, with results based on cookies and keywords, Google AdWords remains invaluable for both fledgling and well-established businesses when it comes to SEO and digital advertising strategies. The online advertising service is getting an upgrade, however, one that aims…

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From Online To The Physical: How To Compliment SEO With Offline Initiatives

Given that we live in a world where everyone is constantly on their smartphone, computer, or tablet, businesses tend to prioritize digital advertising over any other form. Rightfully so, because both a strong online presence and search engine marketing campaign can ensure users can easily access all information regarding a business in question. But that isn’t to say traditional, tangible advertising that takes place in the real world is completely irrelevant or useless; SEO’s importance doesn’t negate the usefulness of a simple sign advertising an…

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SEO: What Is It and What Do You Need To Know?

When you search for something on Google, how deep into the results do you actually go? If you’re like most people, probably not past the first page – hell, you may even just stop after the first few suggestions. That’s the way of the Internet – for people to find what they want, as fast as possible. So if you have services to offer online and want users to know about it, how do you compete? That’s what SEO is all about. It’s an acronym…

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