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Samsung Rumoured To Release Phone With Foldable Screen

For so long, we’ve been used to staring at smartphones that all look fairly similar: rectangular-shaped with one screen only.  But what if some variation of the flip-phone were to return to the marketplace and become popular once again? SamMobile, a blog that is known to release information ahead of the launch of Samsung products, is reporting that the company will be releasing a new smartphone shortly. But this product isn’t typical of others currently on the market — the smartphone would come with a retro twist reminiscent of old flip…

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Nokia and SEL Working On Flexible OLED-Screens

One of the major technologies that researchers are working on is flexible OLED-screens. These screens would be able to fold up like a book or newspapers, so that you can put them away, or transport them easily. Once this technology comes to market, it will have some really big impacts on everyday technologies. Imagine an iPad that you can fold up and stuff in your pocket, or a TV that you can fold so that it fits in your backpack. An example that we have…

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Wi-Fi Baby Monitor To Ease New Parent Jitters

It’s not a necessarily new invention, but it’s one of the best developments I’ve seen in baby monitor technology. If you are due to have your first baby this spring, consider purchasing the D-Link HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera. Wi-Fi baby monitors are popping up everywhere but this one in particular has all the features you need. My favourite tidbit about this device is the two-way communication with your baby. If you hear you child crying and your soothing voice is all they need to return…

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An Internet Umbrella On The Horizon?

As a child, waiting for the bus in the rain, I invented an umbrella that was so big that it covered you all the way to your feet – and inside there was a TV screen, cup-holder and a few snacks. Well, my dream never came to fruition but it looks like there is someone else out there who had a similar dream – The inventors of Pileus have created The Internet Umbrella! Although not the bubble-boy scenario I had imagined, the idea of a…

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