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Walmart Begins Testing Of Its Own Payment App

As the single largest retailer in the world, if any store can use their own payment system, it is Walmart. But even if it’s a retail giant, is it really worth it for a store to launch their own payment app? Walmart’s mobile payment system would allow customers to make their purchases through a smartphone app. The app could take major credit or debit cards, or the company’s own gift card. Walmart began testing this payment system last week at locations in Arkansas. By early next year, Walmart…

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Samsung Rumoured To Release Phone With Foldable Screen

For so long, we’ve been used to staring at smartphones that all look fairly similar: rectangular-shaped with one screen only.  But what if some variation of the flip-phone were to return to the marketplace and become popular once again? SamMobile, a blog that is known to release information ahead of the launch of Samsung products, is reporting that the company will be releasing a new smartphone shortly. But this product isn’t typical of others currently on the market — the smartphone would come with a retro twist reminiscent of old flip…

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Samsung unveils monitor that wirelessly charges your phone

For several years, consumer electronics makers have attempted to make computer monitors more attractive through enhanced features such as speakers and other cool additions. The impact has been minimal to say the least and consumers were often unimpressed. Thanks to Samsung Electronics, this may soon be changing. Samsung has created a new monitor with a new feature that will hopefully usher in a new and exciting era in consumer electronics: monitors that allow for integrated wireless charging for your mobile devices. Samsung’s SE370 is the world’s…

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Samsung Safety Truck

Samsung creates a Safety Truck to reduce head-on collisions

{{unknown}}There are very few things worse than getting stuck behind a large and extremely slow semi-truck on a narrow two-lane road. To make things worse, these big trucks make it far too difficult to pass them given the narrow road. Well, this problem may soon become a thing of the past. Samsung has come up with an extremely clever and efficient solution to this irritating problem. The company has unveiled what they call The Safety Truck, which is essentially a semi-truck with a wireless camera mounted to the…

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BMW and Samsung prove remote controlled cars are a reality

In the James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies, gadget master Q gives Pierce Brosnan’s Bond a new BMW that can be controlled remotely by his sleek new cell phone (sleek for the year 1997, that is). This leads to an action sequence where he directs the car from his hotel room to pick him up by the parking garage entrance and then drives it while crouched down in the backseat to avoid getting hit with enemy gunfire. Apparently, this may become a reality someday (the…

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Samsung challenges Roomba with new laser pointer feature

The Roomba is no longer just a simple vacuuming device. From the appearance of Tom Haverford’s iPod dock-wearing DJ Roomba on Parks and Recreation to the steady YouTube phenomenon of pitting them against each other in armed fights, they’ve become a pop culture touchstone. I’ve never had one so I’m not sure if they actually do a sufficient job cleaning alongside all the supplemental entertainment value, but I imagine it would miss some spots if it’s just aimlessly gliding along your floors. Well, Samsung is…

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