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Truck Platooning Gets A Showcase in Europe

Do you ever get a little nervous when you have to drive near a big truck when you’re on the highway? What about encountering a fleet of them in traffic and having to duck and weave around? We’ve all seen news reports about highway accidents where a truck has caused some serious damage to other vehicles and their drivers. When you’re dealing with that level of speed and traffic, trucks are unable to react as fast to happenings on the road. Therefore, it can be…

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Debate Ensues On Self-Driving Cars And Road Safety

Does safe driving always mean following all of the rules of the road? In theory, driverless cars — such as those designed by Google — are made to be consistently cautious. But in practice, it’s not always clear if following rules to the T is the safest bet. The New York Times has recently reported that driverless cars’ meticulous adherence to road safety is causing problems: they aren’t built to factor in the spontaneity and context-based decisions made by other h uman drivers. One can envision countless scenarios in…

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