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Blackberry opens new autonomous vehicles research centre near Ottawa, Ontario.

Blackberry Opens Driverless Vehicles Research Centre

In 2016, you may have thought you’d already heard the last of Blackberry. Nowadays, it seems everyone you meet surely has an iPhone, with the once popular Blackberry becoming defunct and a relic of the past. But now, it looks like Blackberry is entering a market you perhaps wouldn’t expect. This week, the company opened the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Centre in Kanata, Ontario, and announced it would be entering the world of driverless car research. According to the company’s chief executive, Blackberry has a track record in…

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Apple Will Pay Researchers To Find Security Bugs

Despite how popular they remain, most of us who have an iPhone, iPad, or anything else from Apple have complained about the product at some point or another. It freezes! It loses my music! It needs to be charged too often! But now, it looks like finding a solution to these problems — amongst others — could be a lucrative enterprise. Apple recently announced that it plans to offer up to $200,000 in rewards to people who are able to locate critical security bugs in their product. Apple’s announcement…

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Bendable Phone Could Soon Reach Market

Before we entered the age of smartphones, we were constantly using flip phones, which we considered to be on the cutting edge of technology. Now, of course, we view the once-savvy flip phones as relics from a time long ago. But they do beg the question: in the future, what kind of technology is going to eventually upstage smartphones? Thanks to researchers at Queen’s University, it looks like we could be welcoming a new breed into the mix: a bendable phone. Queen’s University researchers have called their…

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Sewer Robots Help Retrieve Waste For Research

Let’s be honest: most of us probably don’t have a clue what goes on in the sewers that run below our streets. And for many of us, we don’t really care to know what happens to the huge amount of waste we collectively dispose of — out of sight, out of mind. But pretty soon, it’s possible that our sewers could welcome a new, unexpected guest who is much more interested in their surroundings than we are. In a new initiative in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Canadian architect Newsha…

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First-Of-Its Kind Drone Race Uses Brain-Controlled Interface

By 2016, it’s clear that for better or for worse, we’re living in a world where the sight of a drone is becoming more and more of a commonplace. But watching drones for entertainment is a pastime that many have likely not partaken in — yet. A recent University of Florida event widened the scope of a drone’s usage even further: the university held a competition in one of its gyms, which featured 16 different pilots racing drones in a 10-metre dash. However, this was no ordinary race. Each drone was…

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Researchers teach computers human behaviour with fiction

Anyone who is passionate about reading will tell you that a good book can change your life and shift your view of the world. More often than not, reading is more than just entertaining — avid readers know that their favourite works are also transformative, and allow us to channel perspectives outside our own. That’s why a group of Stanford computer scientist researchers turned to Wattpad — a Canadian startup that allows users to upload and read each others’ fiction — to help computers understand the intricacies and unpredictability…

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