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Tesla Set To Power This U.S. State With Renewable Energy

Tesla is taking over, and it just might be the best thing for the planet. Recently winning a contract with a power company based in the southern end of California, Tesla is making the move over to being a major energy-supplier, and not just a a car manufacturer. The deal itself is between Tesla and Southern California Edison, with the former supplying 20 megawatts of stored energy to homes across Southern California through its Powerpacks. According to Tesla, the Powerpack-donation will be able to power…

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Wind & Solar Energy

Generator Converts Wind & Sun Into Energy That Could Power Cities

One drawback to renewable, green energy sources is their potential lack of reliability. Take a wind turbine, for example. Largely relying on the environment to produce power, a wind turbine could be next to useless if certain environmental conditions aren’t met. A wind turbine needs wind to generate energy, after all. The same can be said of solar panels, because, without sunlight, a solar power panel will similarly be unable to produce energy. Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology and Beijing’s National Centre for…

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Japan To Build World’s Largest Floating Solar Panel Plant

No matter what, a country is limited to its size. Simply put, if there’s a limited amount of space in a nation, only a certain amount of skyscrapers, infrastructure projects, and homes can be built. Even environmentally-friendly, beneficial building projects need room to be built, no matter the benefits. So for a country like Japan, one that boasts a rather large population in relation to its landmass, space is something of an issue. Modernly, Japan is somewhat restricted when it comes to building new and…

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Drones Could Help Make Wind Energy More Appealing

Maintaining wind turbines is no easy feat, and it usually involves engineers climbing to dangerous heights and inspecting them in person. However, a Portuguese company has found a new, safer way to carry out turbine maintenance – using drones. Pro-Drone, a start up based in Portugal, uses drones with flight algorithms programmed right in that allow them to fly at exactly the height and distance they need to to accurately inspect wind turbines. They’re also able to collect and store data thanks to their sensors.…

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Solar Panels Can Now Create Energy Through Raindrops

It’s hard to argue against the usefulness and utility of solar power panels. An entirely renewable source of energy, solar power provides clean energy that doesn’t harm the earth with almost no work done, as panels simply take in the sun’s rays and turn it into electricity. Criticizers of solar power, many of whom no doubt have a bias towards the use of fossil fuels, will always bring up one major drawback to the use of solar panels: under poor weather conditions, they’re almost useless.…

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The Indian Airport That Runs Entirely On Solar Energy

When taking a flight into or out of Cochin International Airport in Kochi, India, you probably wouldn’t notice anything special or out-of-the-ordinary. Despite being the 7th busiest airport in the country, Cochin isn’t exactly remarkable at first sight. But unaware to the untrained eye, Cochin International Airport is actually quite a trendsetter, at least in terms of renewable energy; Cochin is the world’s first completely solar-powered airport, emitting zero fossil fuels. Completely green since this past August, Cochin’s energy needs are met by a solar…

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Urban Energy Storage System Coming To Hydro Poles In Toronto

If you are from Toronto, you are well aware that thousands upon thousands of hydro poles form a ubiquitous presence across the city. eCamion Inc, a Scarborough-based energy storage form, is a collaborating with Toronto Hydro and Ryerson University to use hydro poles for the greater good: they want to use a pole as a place to mount the world’s first smart-grid battery. Their electricity Pole Mounted Smart Energy Storage Solution, or PMESS, may appear unconventional at first. However, the CEO of eCamion Inc. explained that since this technology…

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Project Sunroof: Google’s Plan To Put A Solar Panel On Every Rooftop

As the entire world grows more environmentally conscious, more and more people are looking towards alternative sources of energy. Sources that won’t harm the Earth as much as fossil fuels or other traditional energy sources. The only problem is, many people simply don’t know enough about greener energy sources. Sure, they know that they exist and may want them, but when it comes to installation, financial benefits, and overall effectiveness, a majority of people are in the dark. Google aims to shed some light on this…

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renewable energy

Tesla’s Battery Powers Your Home With Renewable Energy

A huge leap in residential renewable energy use has been made, from somewhat of an unlikely source. Tesla Motors, the company best known for their premium electric vehicles, officially announced their entrance into the home-market with the Tesla Energy Powerwall Home Battery. Available in 10 kilowatt/hour and 7kWh/hr models, the Tesla Energy Powerwall will sell for $3,500 and $3,000, respectively. While the batteries, designed to store energy for homes via rooftop solar panels, are rather affordable, a whole system will still need to be installed…

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“Wind Trees” Are The Future Of Renewable Energy

Photo cred – TechnoCrazed With the inevitable end of fossil fuel resources, an alternative means of powering the world needs to be found, and that goes without mentioning the serious environmental damages accrued through the use of carbon dioxide emitting fuels. Fortunately, we need only look to the natural force of wind as a new source of energy, especially now, as a French startup has solved many of the inherent issues with wind energy. An ordinary wind turbine is more than a little garish, as…

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