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Discover The Benefits Of A Canon Projector

When you think about projectors, I bet you’re thinking about bulky overhead projectors used in classrooms. Thanks to technology, Canon’s line of projectors are more lightweight, compact, and easy-to-use. Plus, they come with new features that provide more ways to use them. What Can I Use a Projector For? Projectors don’t have to be used just for presentations, although that remains the most relevant use for one. A Canon projector comes in handy for presentations, whether they’re educational or for business purposes, because it can…

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Three New Projectors To Pick Up Before 2017

{{unknown}}Want to up your game at work next year, or help your employees improve? Get your hands on one of these new projectors from Canon. Your presentations will instantly look more crisp, vibrant and professional with the click of a button. Start 2017 on the right foot and work one of these three machines into your daily working life. REALiS WX6000 This high-performance, high-resolution machine was created with some of Canon’s best technology. It also comes with an interchangeable Canon lens that produces the clearest…

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Projectors: The Perfect Gift For The Whole Family

Finding the perfect holiday gift for the whole family, or for someone else’s family, can be difficult. You want something everyone can enjoy, something that will allow you to spend quality time together, and something unique and special. Canon has the perfect thing: a projector. Projectors are an amazing TV alternative, because they throw an image that can fill an entire wall, so you’ll feel like you’re in your very own home cinema. Here are three to choose from, no matter your budget. Canon LV-WX300ST Project…

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DLP, LCD, Or LED? What You Should Know When Buying A Projector

Looking to purchase your very own projector? Well, whether you’re using it to watch movies or showcase a business presentation, projectors tend to come in three different varieties: DLP, LCD, and LED. Even though they may sound similar, each projector has its benefits and disadvantages, which may be the deciding factor when you’re at the store. Read on to learn about the basics behind projectors, so you can make an informed purchase. DLP Projectors Using mirrors to reflect light as an image, DLP projectors are…

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Head to Canon’s eStore for Some Great Last Minute Holiday Deals

{{unknown}}The holidays are just around the corner, and I’m sure there are a few of you who are needing to do some last minute shopping still. One great place to look for some deals is the Canon eStore. They have a great selection to choose from if you are buying for a photographer, whether they are a beginner or a veteran. You can save money on cameras, video cameras, projectors and accessories. Canon is also offering free ground shipping and handling on all orders until December…

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