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Enhance Your Next Presentation With A Canon Projector

If you work in any field that requires you to make a presentation, you will benefit from using a state-of-the-art projector. Whether you are a teacher, physician, or work in sales or marketing, your audience will appreciate information that is projected in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible — and take away that much more from your presentation. Those who make presentations often know that it is not always possible to present in a perfectly ideal space: the best presenters are the ones who can make…

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Stress-Sensing Glasses And Belt Will Debut At Paris Fashion Week

Does day-to-day life often stress you out? Don’t you just wish you could get people to see how much anxiety gnaws away at you? Well someone has gone ahead and designed something that makes this idea a reality. That someone is fashion designer Hussein Chalayan, who has teamed up with Intel to create a strange high-tech outfit for Paris Fashion Week. Well, it’s less of an outfit and more just a pair of glasses and an extremely chunky belt but here’s the nifty part –…

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Three New Projectors From Canon

If you’re speaking to a group of more than 10 people, chances are they won’t all be able to see the demo or presentation easily on your laptop screen. So if you want to effectively communicate your point with a visual aid, you need to make it big enough for everyone to see. That likely means investing in a projector, and luckily, Canon has a bunch of great options for you to choose from that suit a variety of needs and budgets. Here are three…

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Watch TV Straight Out of Your Pizza Hut Box

What do you do when you order pizza with friends? You watch television or maybe a movie on a television! Either way, you’ll probably display filmed entertainment on a screen of some sort. Well, everyone’s favourite grease shack, Pizza Hut, just came up with a brilliant idea. Alongside your pizza, they’ll also deliver you a TV! Sort of… Pizza Hut has introduced new boxes that function simultaneously as a projector as well as a cardboard oil sponge. You’re given a circular lens that comes sitting…

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Should you buy a projector instead of a TV?

If you are looking into purchasing a home theatre set-up, you should consider buying a projector instead of a traditional flat-screen TV. Projectors aren’t for everyone, but they do have some awesome qualities that set them apart from TVs. Here I’ll lay out the pros and cons of a projector so that you can decide if it is right for you. Pros Screen size: One of the most obvious advantages of a projector screen is getting a larger screen size. A home projector screen can…

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