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5 Types Of Printer Ink And What They’re Used For

Printers aren’t a stand-alone piece of machinery, because without ink, a printer is basically just an over-sized paper weight. Now, things would be easy if there was only one ink-option for your shiny new inkjet printer, but that really isn’t the case. There are a few types of ink to choose from when equipping your printer, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. To help you get a handle on which you should be buying, we’ve listed out five of the most common (and uncommon)…

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Inkjet Vs. Laser: A Printer Ink Debate

When it comes to printers, it’s best to look to the great William Shakespeare when he famously wrote, “To inkjet or to laser – that is the question.” How the Bard knew about modern printers at the turn of the 17th century is a mystery that still puzzles scholars to this day, but it is a dilemma that you will certainly face when gearing up to buy your own device. If your chief reason for purchasing one is to print out photos that you’ve been…

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The Canon SELPHY Is The New Party Printer

There’s a hot new printer on the market that you’re going to want to know about. Even if you already have a printer or don’t care about printers, this one may just appeal to you anyway. It’s called the Canon SELPHY and it’s becoming a hot new accessory to have – the bee’s knee’s if you will. So just what exactly is it? The Canon SELPHY CP910 is a compact and portable printer that is great for turning snapshots into physical prints on a whim. It…

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Turning Pollution Into Printer Ink: New MIT-Made Invention Makes It Possible

Pollutants are a rampant part of almost every major urban centre’s atmosphere, and given the heavy reliance cities have on fossil-fueled powered vehicles, smoke and smog aren’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future. In a perfect world, major metropolises would be pollutant-free, but an MIT scientist has accepted the reality of pollution and developed a way to remake pollution into another, and actually useful resource: printer ink. Inspired by a trip to his home in India, where air pollution is a serious issue, Anirudh Sharma…

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