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The Canon PowerShot SX60 Is The Ideal Summer Camera

Summer is almost here and that means it’s time to start planning and thinking about your next vacation! Wherever you’re going this year for summer vacation, having a camera with you is a must. Taking a DSLR will help you capture picture perfect moments, but if space is limited, you’re going on a long trip, you’re hiking through the mountains or you’re backpacking through Europe, having a bulky camera bag with you to carry your camera and lenses is probably a no-go. Thankfully, there’s Canon’s PowerShot…

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Take Selfies with Cool Filters with the PowerShot N2

Many consider the May long weekend to be the official kick-off of summer. With cottage trips, BBQ’s, soccer games, and more, there’s countless seasonal events  you’ll want to take a camera to snap selfies and document fun summer moments. Canon digital cameras are programmed with features ideal for taking all types of photographs — whether they be a landscape of a cool new location you’ve scouted out or an up-close selfie of you and your friends. The Canon PowerShot N2 comes with a 2.8 inch LCD screen — more than wide enough…

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Elevate Everyday Photographs With Canon Digital Cameras

If you rely on your camera  to capture memorable, everyday moments with friends and family, you will likely be looking to make use out of two key features. Many Canon E-Store cameras come equipped with a slim design that allows you to carry it wherever you go, and a zoom feature that ensures you are able to immortalize memories from far distances. These features are paramount to common, everyday scenarios,  as the average photographer does not always have multiple camera lenses with them, or find themselves with the resources available in…

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Head Back To School With A New Digital Camera From Canon

Whether you’re in high school or college, going back to school is an exciting time of the year. Studying isn’t always fun, but nobody remembers that anyway. School is about the social aspects and it’s in these that you’ll create the memories that will stick with you forever. And to capture these memories, you’re going to want to get a snazzy new digital camera. Look no further than Canon, as they’ve got several great options, even if you’re not necessarily looking to become a professional…

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