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The Grappler Could Be An Essential Police Tool For Halting Car Chases

Who doesn’t love a good car chase in the movies? They’re fast, fun and exhilarating to watch. In the best cases, in movies like Bullitt or The French Connection, the car chase sequence is elevated to highly choreographed art – a ballet-like display of scorched asphalt and smashed metal. Of course, this is all make-believe. In real life, car chases are not good at all. They’re obviously destructive to the surroundings and extremely dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers. Meanwhile, police officers in pursuit…

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RCMP able to hack into phones using Stingray device

Ever since Edward Snowden famously revealed what the NSA has been up to behind closed doors, privacy advocates have been raising concerns about the government’s ability to access our personal information.  Now, new revelations add fuel to the fire: court documents state that the RCMP has secretly hacked into Canadians’ cell phones in a number of crime cases. This information was revealed last week, after a judge removed a publication ban that was placed on the case of Salvatore (Sal the Ironworker) Montagna. Sal, who was…

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Finding A Solution To Police Violence Against Civilians

With all the recent incidents of police violence against civilians, something clearly needs to be done, particularly in regards to firearm use. Certain camps advocate taking them away from police altogether, but, unfortunately, we live in a world where they’re sometimes necessary to combat criminal activity. At the end of the day, cops should really just be better selected and trained, but it’s a thorny issue all around. A company called Alternative Ballistics is trying to offer up a partial solution with a device aptly…

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