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Capture Holiday Memories With Nikon Coolpix

{{unknown}}This time of year always offers no shortage of great moments for photographs. Whether you plan on celebrating the holidays with your family, getting outdoors in the snow with the kids, or enjoying some hot chocolate by the fire, a great digital camera can help you remember these moments all year round. The Nikon Coolpix A900 20MP 35X Wide Angle 3″ 4K is compact enough to bring along to outdoor holiday adventures, without compromising quality. Thanks to its telephoto NIKKOR glass lens, the camera has 35x optical zoom and…

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Use Canon Inks To Print In Your Highest Quality Yet

If you work in a busy, print-based industry, running out of ink can feel like a major emergency that can seriously halt your office’s productivity.  To avoid this type of setback, it’s vital to have extra inks on hand at all times — or better yet, a large supply of long-lasting, quality ink. The Canon E-Store has a wide selection of individual and cartridge ink tanks that ensure your documents will be printed in their finest quality yet. Canon’s SELPHY Ink/Paper Cartridges give you the benefit of knowing…

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