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Google To Introduce New Video Chat App

Gone are the days when email was the newest and most exciting form of quick communication. Today, many consider video chat to be the easiest way to get in touch with  someone quickly, with the added bonus of a personalized, face-to-face component. Now, Google will be capitalizing on this trend with the introduction of their new video chat, Duo. Duo will work with any mobile device that uses Google’s Android operating system, as well as iOS. It will rely on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, and like other…

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Chevrolet Wants Your Phone To Stay Cool

{{unknown}}Phones are essentially tiny computers that work pretty hard to help you get through your day and that means they can get pretty hot from working so hard. When you add charging to the mix, the heat turns up even more to an uncomfortable level. Chevrolet noticed this, and the 2016 models of their Malibu, Volt, Cruze and Impala, to name a few, will include little, convenient air conditioning stations meant just for your phone. The company plans on calling this new feature “Active Phone…

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SOScharger Will Never Leave You With A Dead Phone

For many people having a dead cellphone causes sheer panic and a heavy heart. Luckily, the SOScharger is the perfect remedy for such maladies. This  compact and handy back-up battery essentially gives you limitless power for your phone, so you’ll never have a dead cell phone again. The SOScharger has a 2,300 mAh capacity battery inside it. This battery in itself will be enough to fully recharge your phone’s battery and then some. If you find yourself needing even more power, there is a ergonomic…

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