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Window Tinting Technology Gets An Upgrade From Team At MIT

Blinds, curtains, drapes – they ‘re all so 20th century, folks. If you really want to keep the sun out of your place of residence on a hot summer’s day, you’ve got to use some electrochromic window tinting techniques. These specialized windows will darken automatically when it becomes hot by sending an electric current through the glass to give it a negative charge. Then, positive ions rush in to balance things out and the whole window tints. Pretty sweet, right? This technology has been on the…

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Sewer Robots Help Retrieve Waste For Research

Let’s be honest: most of us probably don’t have a clue what goes on in the sewers that run below our streets. And for many of us, we don’t really care to know what happens to the huge amount of waste we collectively dispose of — out of sight, out of mind. But pretty soon, it’s possible that our sewers could welcome a new, unexpected guest who is much more interested in their surroundings than we are. In a new initiative in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Canadian architect Newsha…

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The Ingestible Origami Robot That Operates Right Inside Your Stomach

Ingesting any metal object doesn’t seem like the best of ideas, but sometimes it happens. More often than you would think, actually, as in the U.S. alone 3,500 batteries are swallowed each and every year. Able to burn through internal tissue, ingesting a battery can be dangerous, but altogether difficult to treat. But researchers at MIT have found a solution to the ingestion of a metal object like a battery, and (somewhat counterintuitively) it involves eating another metal object, specifically a newly designed origami-style robot.…

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With NailO, You Can Turn Your Thumb Into a Track Pad

When you’re using your computer or phone to help you cook or repair something, you can’t always spare a hand to control your device. MIT recognized this problem, and is working on a device that makes your thumb nail function just like a track pad. It’s called NailO, and its design was initially inspired by stick-on nail polish. It has several layers, including  a battery, circuitry, capacitive sensors, a cover, and it was created in MIT’s Media Lab. The NailO registers your touch and uses…

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