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The Droppler Will Help You Conserve Water

It’s hard to ignore the facts about climate change and efforts to restore the environment. The Earth’s resources are depleting and we’re starting to see the very real effects that human consumption has had on the environment over the years. Recycling and using a green bin is a great start to reduce the waste you make at home. But if you want to make another change to help your home and make less of an impact on the environment in the process, take a look…

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Travel to the Future with the New Hoverboard

Do you remember in Back to the Future 2 when Marty McFly rode on a cool, futuristic hoverboard? If not, then this post may not have as much meaning to you as it does with those of us who’ve patiently been waiting for a real hoverboard to hit the market. While this invention is not exactly what the creators of Back to the Future came up with, the design is pretty close. From Hoverboard Technologies, the Hoverboard looks like a skateboard except you ride on one wheel that…

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Humane Mousetrap Comes with Photo and Email Functions

You’ve never experienced true terror until, out of the corner of your eye, you catch the blurred form of a mouse dart at you from a dark hidden corner. But as much as I hate mice, I can never bring myself to put out snap or glue traps to deal with them; it just seems too cruel. Mice may be pests, but thanks to new technologies, getting them out of your house safely and gently is easily possible. Inventor Alain Mauer is improving the humane…

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Combat+ Sync Headphones Has Music Sharing and Walkie-Talkie Features

If you like to workout and listen to music, you’re probably already aware of the limitations of standard headphones currently on the market. Luckily, the Combat+ Sync headphones will take your workout and music sharing capabilities to the next level. Combat+ Sync is more than just another set of wireless headphones. Controlled by an app on your smartphone, these headphones come with four modes: Customizable LED Mode, Music Sharing Mode, Music Equalizer Mode, and Walkie Talkie Mode. The walkie-talkie function allows you to communicate with your friends…

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Have a safer bike ride with the Garmin Varia Radar series

Riding your bike in Toronto may offer a number of health and environmental benefits, but it can also be a hazardous activity. Whether a street is equipped with or without bike lanes, cyclists can and have been injured (or worse) from failing to see or be signaled by oncoming traffic. Luckily, Garmin has a number of new smart gadgets that can help cyclists have a safer ride and hopefully prevent any accidents from occurring. The Varia rearview bike radar warns cyclists of cars approaching from…

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Charge All Devices at Once with the Flex Charger

In 2015, I think we all understand how annoying it can be to try and find enough space and outlets to charge all of our smart devices at home or at the office. Luckily, this first world problem has a solution – the Flex Charger. This great invention acts like a docking station to hold and charge your smart devices in one area. You can place your device in the Flex Charger’s retractable tray to get power immediately and to protect it from damage –…

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Vertical LED farms could solve a potential food crisis

According to the UN, the world will have another 2.5 billion mouths to feed by 2050. If they are correct – and they probably are – that means we need to find a more sustainable and contained method of growing food. Green Sense Farms seems to have the right idea. Based in Portage, Indiana, their team of farmers and horticulturalists have created a vertical farming system that can harvest crops 26 times a year using 85 per cent less energy, one tenth of the water…

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Disney Creates a New Kind of Animation with Display Swarm

Most of what Disney does involves animation, but most of that animation has been carried out with a pencil and paper or a computer. Until now, that is. Disney Research has just created an animated display that is brought to life by small robotic pixels. Display Swarm is a group of little robots with two wheels and LED lights that have the ability to change between a vast array of colours. They are magnetized and move around a metal surface as a computer tells each…

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29-storey Tetris Made a Reality

On Saturday night, the Cira Centre in downtown Philadelphia entertained hundreds of people with a giant game of Tetris played on two sides of the 29-storey building.

The north and south sides of the building contain hundreds of LED lights that usually create nighttime light shows, but both Phildelphia’s Tech Week and Tetris’ 30th birthday meant that they were used to create what might be a record-breaking game.

Drexel University’s Associate Professor of Digital Media Frank Lee designed the giant iteration of the game, and he already holds a world record for last year’s Pong game, also on the side of the Cira Centre building.